Monday, March 16


I'm sorry, I was just hit in the face with a load of awesome.

This is Audiobytes For Autobots, a hip-cat who tossed up albums "2.0" and "Prime Cuts". He doesn't have nearly as cohesive a structure as a lot of other mashup artists, but he tosses together tracks in a manner not even John Oswald can touch.

I was feeling like a huge ass today, but when I saw the music video above, I was overcome with such elation that my mind was goddamn blown. I have never seen something so amazing. As such, I highly recommend everything this guy puts out and will be waiting on bated breath for his next release.

You can catch up on his site:

A bit minimalist, but whatever man. SHUT UP AND SITUATE THOSE CANS ON YOUR EARS, BABES.


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