Tuesday, October 7

The Smoking Invalid

will be the title of my book, I have decided, (much against my own advice.) The original title was going to be "The Only Rainbows I Like Are Green and Black" but that's too goddamn artsy for a book title. Besides, I think that it'll be a better story title. For those not in the know, it'll be a book of short stories. My own. Perhaps others. I've got know idea. Probably just mine; I like to control too much. But that also makes me a perfectionist, making being my own editor fairly easy. The book's not going to be cosmetically fancy, probably with a blank cover, but there will be illustrations within relating to the stories. I'd like to thank the artists that have helped me out already and I look forward to more kicking ass in bringing my stories to vivid colour.

Also, the book will be printed, but I'll try and see if I can shoehorn it into a .pdf. At the very least, it'll be released as a zipped txt with the associated imagery. FOR FREE! So those of you I don't happen to know in internet-land are more than happy to enjoy it. It'll also be Copylefted, with the stipulation that the original work may be altered in any way shape or form, for whatever reason, be it commercial or your own perverted amusement, as long as you give credit to No.1: your's truly.

So that's all the news I have for now, that and my computer's LCD is cracked in a bazillion different places, so my rough drafts and ideas are being held hostage on a head-less beast. I'll find a way around that, however. Methinks I can hook up an external monitor to it without too much effort, but only time will tell. Fortunately, most of the ideas are still in my head, me having not written most of them down.

And Grislygus, the piece I recently commissioned you for is pivotal and I can't stress that enough. That's not to say that the other artists, (Sacks & Co.), are worthless. It's just that your art-style would fit the bill perfectly.


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