Sunday, June 15

Did You Know?

  • Chevy Chase inherited a toilet fortune!
  • Marlon Brando collected prosthetic hands before he died and would strike aides with them out of anger!
  • Sylvester Stallone is ambidextrous and writes shorts stories about crime!
  • Albert Einstein, famed scientist and part-time Amway salesman, had twelve wives!
  • Nicholas Cage briefly held a Best Actor award in Malaysia before it was found that he was not actually Malaysian, but Swiss!
  • Stephen Hawking sponsors a basketball camp for paraplegic youngsters!
  • I had webbed toes as a lad!
  • All-The-Way May really would go all the way.
  • Gene Kelly beat Billy Blanks in a footrace across water!
  • Stevie Nicks makes wicked punch!

Saturday, June 7

What holds memories for you?

Is it weird that the song Baker Street makes me think of driving down the street of an abandoned town at 3 in the morning while it's raining? It's a very powerful song for me, because, when on extremely long family trips and at the end of one of these thirteen hour drives, Baker Street would always be on the radio as we pulled off at our exit and into town. I was usually the only one awake in the car, aside from my mum. I felt alone, though.

What's a song for you that brings back similar memories, that evokes strong emotion?

Thursday, June 5

Geekery Moment: Via Nano Processor

For those more technically adept in our audience, you may be interested to know about a new processor. Yes, I know many of you may have already glossed over this and moved on to some other blog or looked at Mighty Mike's political mumbo-jumbo, but I will persist if only for my own intellectual masturbation.

Those that know what mini-itx motherboards are, know that they have their uses. Niche uses, to say the least. Many of the CarPCs utilize mini-itx motherboards in their designs. They are very small. However, more often than not, they are underpowered. To put this in perspective, your fancy dual-core monstrosity heatmiser is a Ferarri and a mini-itx based machine is a toaster. They're on completely different levels.

However, that is about to change with Via's release of their Nano processor. Like I said, geeky. But I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't say "I can't possibly contain my excitement for this thing." Well, I can't possibly contain my excitement for this thing. I am raving mad, jumping up-and-down ecstatic about this. Why? Take a look for yourself.

I don't know of many computers that can run Crysis at any setting. Mine certainly can't. Apparently, that's what makes Crysis the go to for benchmarking a high-end system. It is that game. You know, when people are shopping around for a computer and the gamers say, "can it play xxxxxx game?" Well, Crysis is it. So I wait for this little wonder. But not on bated breath. I have much more prudent things to spend my money on. It is, however, a useful extravagance, yes? Anyway, you can find more elaborate details at Via's own page. They're expected to ship in the fourth quarter this year.


Wednesday, June 4

DEMS make me laugh.

Let's get some things straight first.....

1. My name is Michael Brown, it's nice to meet you.

2. When I say DEMS or Democrats, I mean the ones in office i.e. senators, presidents, etc.

3. I'm not a republican or democrat, parties make me feel obligated to a party instead of myself.

4. Uh, America rules.

5. I do not agree with everything in this video at Eyeblast

One of the wives in my dad's unit sent this around and I found it funny(especially Cone's comments). I'm not sure about the legitimacy about this video but hey, its fun, and it may change someone's mind; depending on if they believe in indoctrination.

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