Thursday, July 3

Belated News: Girl Talk's New Album is Out!

Granted, I'm a bit late, but the few reading this may not be aware of Girl Talk, much less his new album, "Feed the Animals." Mashups are nothing new, but they are unknown to many. My personal first experience with a mashup was more of a cut-up type; Sunday Bloody Sunday by rx. That was just the beginning. Years later, I've seen more artists and came to Girl Talk, probably the only mashup artist to sell albums on a larger scale with the most recognition. Illegal Art sells several albums from mashup artists to mad-samplers to copyright-tramplers. Not that that's bad in the least. They sell Girl Talk's albums and they feature his newest work, but this time's a bit different.

They've decided to pull a Nine Inch Nails move and made it a pay-what-you-wish album, to include free. I opted for free because I didn't have a Paypal account on hand. That doesn't mean I don't want to donate. Just not at the moment. I don't see the site going down in the forseeable future. Anywho, feel free to download the album from this link. It comes highly recommended from people like me and Jesus.

Yes, that Jesus.

So you are compelled to, unless you wish to disappoint Jesus. I don't think you'd like that.



I'm partial to the opening track, "Play your Part (pt. 1)," but the No Pause track is pretty good as well.

Seriously, this whole album is fucking kickass and I command you to download it. Also, if this gets you into mashups, check out Mashup Town. Lotta great artists on there like DJ Schmolli, The Illuminoids, Morgoth, Clive-$ter, DJ Lobsterdust, Audiodile, and plenty other purveyors of bastard pop.


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