Thursday, May 15

The Something Store

Ever looking for something to waste your money on, but don't have the time to hove your fat ass down to Big Lots or some other large store full of cheap shit?

Well wander no more as the Something Store will surely have the right trinket for you!

~The Something Store~

With this magical offer, you can give them money, and they send you... something. Sounds a bit janky, no? Well, they have hundreds of satisfied and unsatisfied customers. The schtick is that you send $10 and they send something completely at random. It may be a duct tape wallet. Or it may be a Fossil watch. USB missle launchers also appear to be pretty popular. You'll never know until you get it.

Personally, I dunno if I'll do it. It seems like something exciting to do if ever you have some excess cash lying around. But if you have $10 just waiting to burn, then you might as well go for it all with $100, know what I'm saying.

So go ahead, buy from 'em. Looks fun!

Pic unrelated but totally phat.

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