Monday, May 4

Pass the Kibbe Nayeh, Mr. Nimeh.

You know the people I'm talking about. If you care enough to listen to what I have to say, you're probably not one of them. But if you are, fuck off and stop reading it. I don't want you tainting my page with your gormless stares.

The folk who I'm talking about are the poor empty souls who graduate high school and never leave their respective hometowns. I was coming back home from school m'self and I saw a character whom graduated high school two years ago hanging around just outside of the place. Did he not have anything better to do with his day(s)? People like that are just hollow sponges of a personality. They can't make new friends at all, apparently.

What's worse are those characters that come back to school with regularity. You know them, too. They're constantly in the "cool" teacher's room, just goddamn hanging about. Of course, they're currently off because Basic starts up this summer and that's the only other thing that they'd be able to do, besides mooch off of family.

I can take a certain amount of satisfaction in it all, though, because these are the same characters that were the popular kids in their class. I find it all hilarious. And you'll never see me exchanging emails or hanging out or saying "Hi" every few weeks. No, I'm fuckin' out of there like a shot from a gun and twice as fast. I'm never looking back to this shithole of a town, given the option. Sure, I have friends, but with the luxury of Facebook and Myspace, no one ever has to be out of contact with one another again. I'll keep tabs on the people worth keeping tabs on. If you're not one of them, sucks to be you, because I probably never liked you anyway.


P.S.: I had this really intense craving for a beef tongue sandwich today. Tongue, sauerkraut, mustard, marbled rye. Mmmmmm.

The quickest way to this man's heart is with ethnic food, hence the title of this very post. It's a Lebanese raw-meat, ("Nayeh" translates to "raw"), dish my friend Andy introduced me to.

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